Filmmusic concert and workshop with Philharmonie baden-baden

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work together with the Philharmonie Baden-Baden.

Both a live concert and a workshop were part of this collaboration. The workshop was focused towards young students from regional schools and aimed at explaining the job of a composer, they learned about the risks, limitations, the upsides and downsides. One amazing part of this workshop was that they had the chance to see the orchestra later rehearsal a, for the musicians, completely unkown piece. They had the chance to experience first hand how difficult it can be, for both musicians and conductor (beeing Judith Kubitz), to rehearse such piece.  The workshop also was supposed to make orchestral music more accessible for students, since most, especially concert music, is really out of reach for many young people. Both from a musical viewpoint but also just from a pure mindset, since many young people consider orchestral music to be elitist and old fashioned.


The live concert later in the week included several classics such as a James Bond Suite and a Henry Mancini Suite. The concert also featured the premiere of 4 of my original pieces, one beeing the live filmmusic for the film 'Maximall' by Axel Tillement. The other 3 pieces are part of my orchestral concert that I'm currently working on called 'We're going on an adventure'. The concert featured the first three pieces called 'We're going on an adventure', 'Leaving Home' and 'The first steps'. This was also my first time experiencing my own music played by an orchestra in a concert context. The feeling I had is quite hard to describe, as a composer, you're mostly working on your own without much of a feedback or response, but in a live concert you have quite the opposite, you experience immediate feedback in form of applause or shouting which was, beeing completely honest, quite emotional for me personally.


The feedback from all parties included (students, listeners, press and musicians) was very positive and I'm happy everything went the way it did. I'll post some newspaper articles, including an interview with 'BNN' soon(only available in german).


Below are some more impressions, photos made by Jörg Bongartz.