Impressions Concert in Gerolsheim Stadthalle with Philharmonie Baden-Baden


After 3 years, the creation of 'We're Going on an Adventure' comes to an end, from this day on my new album will be available in several online stores and also spotify:










The release concert with Philharmonie Baden-Baden was quite a success and was a cocktail of emotions, ranging from excitement to tension to happiness. My deepest thank goes to Judith Kubitz who supported me throughout the last years and allowed me to grow, both as a composer and a human beeing.




We're Going on an Adventure Teaser

We're Going on an Adventure - New Album coming 5th Nov.

I’m very(!) excited to finally, and officially, announce the upcoming release of my new album ‘We’re Going on an Adventure‘. 

The album will be released on the 5th November and will be purchasable on ITunes, Amazon and Bandcamp, you will also be able to stream it on Spotify. There will also be a limited amount of physical CD's available!


‘We’re Going on an Adventure’ is the result of a 3 year journey for me. I was working on and off on it and some of the tracks where the catalysts of finally allowing me to work with a real orchestra and experience something many composers seldom get the chance to, I feel absolutely blessed to have made these experiences.


The album features a total of 10 tracks and each track explores an emotion one could face in a journey from beginning to end.

Over the next couple of weeks you’ll hear and see more from me, lots of exciting stuff is coming up!



I had the pleasure of being part of another concert performed by the Baden-Badener Philharmonie. The concert was the opening concert for the open air season 'Redenzvous Classique' in the 'Musikpavillon Baden-Baden'.

The concert was again conducted by Judith Kubitz.


As the concert was free to watch, people could just chime in and watch, listen and enjoy. The weather has been very kind to us this day, it was warm, with blue skies and a slight breeze was blowing. It has always been my dream to have my music performed in such an environment, it's the best way to make orchestral music more accessible to people who are'nt that familiar with this kind of art. Orchestral music often has the problem of beeing too elitist, these occasions help alot to break down these prejudices.


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