Cherry Blossom Dance


Original: Composition for symphonic orchestra


Cherry Blossom Dance came to life during the work on "Kheer Tal" - it was supposed to be an actual part of it. 

I came to the realization that it would be much better suited as a standalone piece for orchestra due to its colorful, clownish and witty nature.

Cherry Blossom Dance officially premiered in June 2019.



Listen to the full track "Cherry Blossom Dance" in the video.

Of Wind and Water


Original: Suite for Flute, Clarinet, Harp and string orchestra


Wind and Water - the two most powerful elements on our planet - both with the power to give and to take life.

"Of Wind and Water" explores the different sounds of these elements and tells individual stories through melody and rhythm.


Listen to the fourth part "The Drop in the Lake" with the full score in the video.

Die Beste Nacht - Kontra K (Production by Das Ding and Baden-Baden Events GmbH)


Arranger/Orchestrator: Rap - Band & symphonic orchestra


One of Germany's most successful rappers, Kontra K, together on stage with a symphonic orchestra.

The premiere in the Kurhaus Baden-Baden Benazetsaal took the Crossover concept to its limits. The very static beats of Kontra K's music melting with the organic body the orchestra offers.


Listen to the full track "Soldaten 2.0" in the video.

We're Going on an Adventure


Original: Suite for symphonic orchestra.


"We're Going on an Adventure", a  10 part suite that delves into the emotions one could encounter throughout a journey. The title of each parts acts as a guide for the listener to make up their as they listen to the music. The suite encapsulates by melody, color and orchestration, the techniques from todays film music.

Listen to the excerpts from "We're Going on an Adventure" in the video.

Hiwar Symphony


Arranger/Orchestrator: Ethno Jazz & symphonic orchestra


"Hiwar Symphony" is Masaa, German Ethno Jazz quartet, together with a symphonic orchestra in a unique and heartfelt musical experience. Under guidance of Bernd Ruf this project arose and managed to take a special place in my heart. Masaas music is pure, genuine and intimate, the same feelings are portrayed in the Symphony.


Listen to the teaser with live excerpts from the premiere with Philharmonie Baden-Baden .