Symphonic Miniature


2020 is a year to remember. Covid-19 really changed the perspective on our current lifestyle as a society and showed us how we, as individuals, value and care for our society. The year was plagued with negativity and bad energy that sucked the creativity out of many of us. I struggled too. 


A Silver Lining is my way of trying to start 2021 on a positive. The piece overflows with uplifting energy and compresses it into a burst of positivity, like a silver lining it shows us the end of a dark and rather depressing period.

DIE BESTE NACHT - KONTRA K (Production by Das Ding and Baden-Baden Events GmbH)


Arranger/Orchestrator: Rap - Band & symphonic orchestra


One of Germany's most successful rappers, Kontra K, together on stage with a symphonic orchestra.

The premiere in the Kurhaus Baden-Baden Benazetsaal took the Crossover concept to its limits. The very static beats of Kontra K's music melting with the organic body the orchestra offers.


Listen to the full track "Soldaten 2.0" in the video.



Suite for Flute, Clarinet, Harp and string orchestra


Wind and Water - the two most powerful elements on our planet - both with the power to give and to take life.

"Of Wind and Water" explores the different sounds of these elements and tells individual stories through melody and rhythm.


Listen to the fourth part "The Drop in the Lake" with the full score in the video.



Video Game Music


Unreal Tournament is one of the most popular Arena FPS games to date. Very different to my usual line of work, the music for Unreal Tournament is aggressive, highly percussive, synth heavy and only utilizes small bursts of orchestral color.


Listen to the music of DM-LEA  in the video.