I have always loved to experience the adventure of music, especially through experimentation and thorough listening.
The orchestra is my canvas

Growing up in a family of musicians, I was in contact with music pretty much from the earliest years of my life. Autodidactic learning has been an integral part of my musical development  from the moment I began to learn the guitar at the age of 15, and I have continued this process with my composing and orchestration under the guidance of Robin Hoffmann.


My work has been performed by several German orchestras such as the Baden-Baden Philharmonics, Jena Philharmonics, German Pops OrchestraBavarian Philharmonics or Sorbisches National-Ensemble.


The earliest projects I worked on were mostly driven by me, and examples would be my first album “Voyage” (which features Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig), “Call of Nature” - a successful mod soundtrack for the video game “Banished”, and “Forgotten Horizons” - a music pack for Epic Games Unreal Engine Marketplace.

East West Symphony with Masaa, Bernd Ruf with Baden-Baden Philharmonics
East West Symphony with Masaa, Bernd Ruf with Baden-Baden Philharmonics

In 2016 I contributed the official “Main Menu Theme” for the upcoming Unreal Tournament game, developed by the highly successful game developer Epic Games. I also composed additional music for Levels and official community content (Soundcloud Playlist).

In the same year the Baden-Baden Philharmonics premiered some of my orchestral works, in addition to these performances I was also involved in a “Film music and composing workshop” with students from local schools.


In 2016 I composed the soundtrack of the game “Hover Cubes Arena”, developed by the studio formerly known as Gametology. 


In the following year I worked as an arranger and orchestrator on several diverse projects such as the “East West Symphony” with ethnic Jazz Quartet Masaa.

For “Rock Revue 2017” I arranged music from Queen, Amy Whinehouse, the 5th Dimension and The Eagles.  I also worked as an arranger for the “Bridges to Classics” concert with Eric Bazillian, which was part of the Händel Festspiele in Halle.


Kontra K with Band, Pavel Baleff with Baden-Baden Philharmonics
Kontra K with Band, Pavel Baleff with Baden-Baden Philharmonics

In late 2017 I released my second album “We’re Going on an Adventure” which is a modern symphonic suite with the aim of combining concert and film music into one emotional story of color and melody.


In early 2018 I was the arranger for the successful production of “Die Beste Nacht – Kontra K”, a cooperation between Das Ding and Baden-Baden Events - a clash of orchestra and Rap music. In the summer of 2018 my work “Kheer Tal” was premiered by the Baden-Baden Philharmonics.  “Kheer Tal” is a suite for Morin Khuur (also known as Horsehead Fiddle), Tuvan throat singing and orchestra dedicated to my friend Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig.


At the beginning of 2019 I was commisioned to compose the music for the "Sagennacht 2019", an annual play organized by the Sorbische National-Ensemble GmbH. 60 minutes of music for small orchestra and choir, including vocal work in Uppersorbian, which only a few people can still speak.

In June of the same year, my piece "Cherry Blossom Dance" was premiered in Baden-Baden by the Baden-Baden Philharmonics and Judith Kubitz as conductor.