Born in a family of musicians, I was in contact with music pretty much from the earliest moments of my life. From the day I began to teach myself Guitar at the age of 15, autodidactic learning became an integral part of my musical development, I have maintained this philosophy with composing and orchestration. For a couple of years, I was mentored by Robin Hoffmann, who taught me a lot about music and the orchestra not just as a body of sound, but as a collection of individual human beings with very individual needs, desires, and artistic intentions.


Growing up listening to a diverse range of genres (such as Metal, Rock, Hip Hop, and Jazz) offered me an unusual insight into worlds of music that, to this day, play a role in my orchestral work. Only in my early twenties, I found my excitement for orchestral music, this passion has been a steadily growing constant since then.


My work has been performed by several orchestras such as the Jena Philharmonics, German Pops Orchestra, Staatskapelle HalleOrchestra of the Southern Finger LakesBavarian Philharmonics, Baden-Baden Philharmonics, and Sorbian National Ensemble.


Between 2016 and 2017 I wrote music for video games such as Unreal Tournament(Epic Games), Hover Cubes X(Gametology) or Banished. I also worked as an arranger on several projects and finished the work on my first album We’re Going on an Adventure. After 2017 I shifted my focus and increased my efforts to work on more concert music rather than video game music.


In early 2018 I was the arranger for “Die Beste Nacht – Kontra K”, a cooperation between Das Ding and Baden-Baden Events - a clash of orchestra and Rap music. In the summer of 2018 my work “Kheer Tal” was premiered by the Baden-Baden Philharmonics.  “Kheer Tal” is a suite for Morin Khuur (also known as Horsehead Fiddle), Tuvan throat singing, and orchestra dedicated to my friend Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig.



At the beginning of 2019, I was commissioned to compose the music for the "Sagennacht 2019", an annual play organized by the Sorbische National-Ensemble GmbH. 60 minutes of music for a small orchestra and choir, including vocal work in Uppersorbian, which only a few people can still speak. In June of the same year, my piece "Cherry Blossom Dance" was premiered in Baden-Baden by the Baden-Baden Philharmonics and Judith Kubitz as conductor. For a concert featuring Franzisco Araiza I arranged works of Brahms for the Pianistenclub München. Sometime later in the year the Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes and conductor Toshiyuki Shimada performed The White Messengers, as a US premiere, in New York.


"Der Hirschsprung" Premiere in Freudenstadt. © Greiß 2022
"Der Hirschsprung" Premiere in Freudenstadt. © Greiß 2022

In early 2021 "East West Symphony Hiwar" was released, the recording features Masaa and the Jena Philharmonics. Hiwar has been nominated for the Preis der Deutschen Schallplatten Kritik in categories "Crossover" and "World Music" as well as receiving nomations for the Opus Klassik 2021.


Two new major orchestral works have been premiered in the year 2022, "Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra", a 4 part piece for Solo Violin and orchestra as well as "Der Hirschsprung", a symphonic poem describing the legend of the Deerjump in the Blackforest. Two pieces for Piano quartet have also been premiered in the same year, "Is It 5?" and "From A Place Of Gloom".

Besides original works, arrangements I wrote for Händelfestspiele and Filmmusiktage Sachsen-Anhalt haven been performed by German Pops Orchestra and Staatskapelle Halle.


In 2023, in collaboration with Baden-Baden Philharmonics, "Overture To Nothing" has been premiered. With the same orchestra my symphonic piece about the developments after World War II, "Emerged From Nothingness", found its world premiere during a concert to celebrate the French-German amity in France. 


In the first quarter of the following year "The Ignition" has been premiered by Landesjugendorchester Sachsen and conductor Judith Kubitz as part of two concerts in Leipzig and Pirna.