Flute 1 Timpani
Flute 2 / Piccolo Percussion I/II/III
Oboe 1 Bass Drum, Tambourine, Snare Drum
Oboe 2 / English Horn Mark-Tree, Sus. Cymbal, Piatti
Clarinet in Bb 1 Anvil, Triangle, Sistrum
Clarinet in Bb 2 / Bass Clarinet Tubular Bells, Crotales
Bassoon 1 Glockenspiel, Vibraphone
Bassoon 2 / Contrabassoon  
F Horn 1  
F Horn 2 Solo Violin
F Horn 3  
F Horn 4 Violin I
Bb Trumpet 1 Violin II
Bb Trumpet 2 Viola
Trombone 1 Violoncello
Trombone 2 Contrabass

Duration: ~25:00

Premiered: 01.04.2022

Soloist: Yasushi Ideue

Orchestra: Philharmonie Baden-Baden

Conductor: Pavel Baleff

I have a lot of personal history with Baden-Baden and the Baden-Baden Philharmonics.


Not only did they premiered several of my compositions but some members of the orchestra I've known since my childhood - Yasushi, the concertmaster, being one of those. 

In 2016, whilst sitting in a restaurant after a succesful premiere with my father and Judith Kubitz, former Kapellmeister of the Baden-Baden Philharmonics, Yasushi wrote me a WhatsApp asking if I'd be interested in writing a solo work for him, I was flabbergasted and floored.


I can't put into words how highly I think of him as a person and as an artist.  


Yasushi envisioned this Fantasy to pay homage to Baden-Baden, the town that served the both of us as a home for close to 30 years now, I liked the sound of this proposition. Very much aware of the challenge ahead of me I accepted and began working on the piece.


Every movement describes a certain landmark in Baden-Baden.



I. The Creek

II. The Peak and Beyond

III. The Old Oak

IV. Boulevard of Flowers



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Upcoming Performances: 

07.07.2022 Philharmonie Baden-Baden, Yasushi Ideue(Violin), Heiko Förster


Theatre Imperial

Rececent Performances: 

06.11.2022 Philharmonie Baden-Baden, Yasushi Ideue(Violin), Pavel Baleff


KIT Audimax

01.04.2022 Philharmonie Baden-Baden, Yasushi Ideue(Violin), Pavel Baleff





Erschienen in: BT 04-04/2022 , Nr.59

[...] Schnell und eruptiv bauen sich dramatische Entwicklungen auf, die mit der ganzen Klanggewalt, deren ein Orchester fähig ist, ausgetragen werden, um schließlich doch wieder in ruhigere Gefilde zurückzufinden. Herrliche Klangmalerei.[...] während "The Old Oak" im dritten Satz die unterschiedlichsten Empfindungen auslöst, vom Gefühl sanfter Geborgenheit über melancholische Elegie bis zur großen monumentalen Geste.[...] Kein Wunder also, dass sich das Publikum begeistert zeigte von dem Werk, und dem jungen Komponisten Joosten viel Anerkennung zollte. [...] (Karl-Heinz Fischer)