Judith Kubitz and Philharmonie Baden-Baden during the premiere
Judith Kubitz and Philharmonie Baden-Baden during the premiere

As part of the concert “On the Movies”, which featured music from prominent composers such as Hans Zimmer, Alan Silvestri, Henry Mancini or Leonard Bernstein, my piece “Cherry Blossom Dance” has been premiered on the the 14.06.2019 by the Philharmonie Baden-Baden, conducted by Judith Kubitz.

The concert, being part of “Rendezvous Classique”, which is an open air concert series usually happening throughout summer in the Musikpavillon Baden-Baden, was quite a success considering the weather throughout the day wasn’t quite what we hoped for.


“Cherry Blossom Dance” was composed during my work on the music for “Kheer Tal” and was originally intended to be an actual part of it. I very quickly realized that the piece works much better as a standalone piece for symphonic orchestra than what I intended it to be in the first place.
It’s quite the challenge to perform due to its driving nature, it’s quite fragmented orchestration and high tempo.



Below you can listen to Cherry Blossom Dance: