In collaboration with the Pianistenclub München e.V., I had the privilege of working as the arranger for their latest concert which, next to other works by Brahms and Saint-Saens, featured four songs by Brahms. The songs, that originally where written for Voice and Piano, where then to be performed with orchestra and the soloists of the evening. The concert was conducted by Carlos Dominguez-Nieto and the orchestra on stage was Philharmonie Baden-Baden.

The concert featured star tenor Franzisco Araiza(Tenor), who has performed in many of the leading concert halls in the world and is highly acclaimed among the field of tenors, Tessa Catchpole(Piano), Sebastian Fuss(Piano),  Aurelia Faggioli(Mezzo-Sopran) and Maria Vidovic(Sopran).

The four pieces I arranged where:


Op. 43 No. 1 Von Ewiger Liebe performed by Franzisco Araiza


Op. 105 No. 1 Wie Melodien zieht es mir performed by Maria Vidovic

Op. 43 No. 2 Die Mainacht
Op. 63 No. 3 Meine Liebe ist grün 




The concert was performed in two different cities:
22. Nov. 2019 Weinbrennersaal Baden-Baden
23. Nov. 2019 Cuvillieres Theater Munich



Besides the 4 songs that I arranged, the concert also featured Saint-Saens "5th Piano Concert" (Tessa Catchpole) also known as "The Egyptian", "Mon ceur s'ouvre á ta voix...." (Araiza & Faggioli) from Saint-Seans opera Samson et Daila and also Brahms 1st Piano Concert ( Sebastian Fuss). 

Franzisco Araiza (Photo by Diario Judío)
Franzisco Araiza (Photo by Diario Judío)