Flute 1 Trombone 1
Flute 2 / Piccolo Trombone 2
Oboe 1 Bass Trombone
Oboe 2 Tuba
Clarinet in Bb 1  
Clarinet in Bb 2 Timpani
Bassoon 1 Percussion I/II/III
Bassoon 2 Bass Drum, Snare Drum
  Sus. Cymbal, Piatti, Mark-Tree, Tam-Tam
F Horn 1 Glockenspiel, Tubular Bells
F Horn 2  
F Horn 3 Harp
F Horn 4  
Bb Trumpet 1 Violin I
Bb Trumpet 2 Violin II

Duration: ~6:00

Midnight encapsulates a core of mystery. The darkness that envelops us each night evokes feelings of numbness, fear, and helplessness. Yet, every night also provides solace to those who may feel lost and vulnerable in the harsh light of day, seeking refuge in the comforting embrace of darkness. It acts as a pendulum, maintaining a delicate balance among all living beings and facilitating their coexistence. "Midnight Unfurls" delves into these contrasts and explores the intricate dynamics of the midnight hour.

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