SATB Choir


opt. instruments: Handbells, Finger Cymbal, Triangle, Chimes, Sleigh Bells, Sistrum


Duration: ~6:00

This work has been commissioned by Collegium Musicum Baden-Baden.


Nachtlied is based on the German poem "Nachtlied" by Friedrich Hebbel, a German dramatist and lyricist. The piece premieres in March 2022 and will be performed in a program that is focused on the night and the sky above. The German text narrates the approaching night and how the stars decorate the imposing night sky. It also explores the creeping fatigue that is coming with the disappearance of the day and how it affects the body.

The work features an optional ending where the choir is instructed to use small metallic percussion to paint the picture of the shimmering stars in the sky. This ending is optional and can be omitted if so desired.


[Blogpost in German] 


Quellende, schwellende Nacht,

Voll von Lichtern und Sternen:

In den ewigen Fernen,

Sage, was ist da erwacht!


Herz in der Brust wird beengt,

Steigendes, neigendes Leben,

Riesenhaft fühle ich's weben,

Welches das meine verdrängt.


Schlaf, da nahst du dich leis,

Wie dem Kinde die Amme,

Und um die dürftige Flamme

Ziehst du den schützenden Kreis.

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Scheduled premiere:


Choir: Collegium Musicum Baden-Baden

Conductor: Fabian Kühn

Lutherkirche Baden-Baden