Clarinet in Bb




Duration: ~17:00


Wind and Water are the two most powerful elements on our planet. Both appear in nearly endless shapes, sizes and forms - It is this contrast that inspired me to compose Of Wind and Water.

Whenever I start on a new project I look for a certain sound that I enjoy, a sound that reflects what I want to express. After brief studies of score from Ravel, Sibelius and Japanese composer Yoshimatsu, I found the sound I wanted to aim for. I specifically chose this ensemble due to the nature of these instruments -  the airy sound of the flute in its lower register, the great dynamic range of the clarinet and the harp, with its gliterring, dripping quality - the strings are the glue.

All reflect what Wind and Water is - life.



Of Wind and Water has 4 parts:

I. The Vortex

II. The Wellspring

III. The Gust at Shore

IV. The Drop in the Lake

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