Violin I

Violin II



                        I. Blooming Meadows  
  II. Tempers Of A Rivulet  
  III. In The Treetops  

It took me quite a while to build up the courage and excitement to write a piece for string quartet since the repertoire for this specific ensemble is already so vast and diverse that it felt like an impossible task to create something exciting and new whilst staying true to the essence of my understanding of music.


I’ve always been drawn to the imagery of nature when composing, this quartet has been no different to this, each part explores a certain sensation you may encounter in the wilderness of our world. May it be the meadows with all its hidden things happening below the sea of grass blades, the varying speeds of a rivulet piercing the landscape, or all the animals living their life in the treetops.


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Premiere TBA in 2023