Flute 1 Trombone 1
Flute 2 / Piccolo Trombone 2
Oboe 1 Bass Trombone
Oboe 2  Tuba
Clarinet in Bb 1  
Clarinet in Bb 2  Timpani
Bassoon 1 Percussion I/II/III
Bassoon 2  Bass Drum 
  Mark-Tree, Sus. Cymbal, Triangle, Piatti
F Horn 1 Cowbell, Slide Whistle, Glockenspiel
F Horn 2  
F Horn 3  Harp
F Horn 4  
Bb Trumpet 1 Violin I
Bb Trumpet 2 Violin II

Duration: ~6:00

Leroy Andersons approach to his compositions has always been a major inspiration for me. Even though short and concise, his music was always full of wit, emotion and joy. Looking back now it's certainly incredible to see how much he influenced the world of film- and broadway music and how revolutionary his approach was back then.


Not to say that The Old Anew exists only because of him, but he definitely influenced the final sound of this piece. content is not displayed due to your current cookie settings. Click on the cookie policy (functional and marketing) to agree to the cookie policy and view the content. You can find out more about this in the privacy policy.