Flute 1 Timpani
Flute 2 / Piccolo Percussion I/II/III
Oboe 1 Woodblock, Bass Drum, Snare Drum
Oboe 2 Mark-Tree, Triangle, Anvil, Tam-Tam
Clarinet in Bb 1 Rivet/Sus./Small Cymbal, Piatti 
Clarinet in Bb 2  Glockenspiel., Xylophone
Bassoon 1 Vibraphone, Tubular Bells
Bassoon 2  
F Horn 1  
F Horn 2  Violin I
F Horn 3  Violin II
F Horn 4 Viola
Bb Trumpet 1  Violoncello
Bb Trumpet 2 Contrabass
 Trombone 1  
Trombone 2   
Bass Trombone   

Duration: ~6:00

When conceptualizing The Rumbling Fiend I wanted to create something that has a dark and gritty core but still maintains a somewhat playful character throughout.
While composing I envisioned a little imp going on a rampage – smashing dishes, emptying bookshelves, knocking over furniture, shattering windows, ruthless with anything that crosses his path. After his mayhem he escapes the scene and flies away. Swiftly he maneuvers through the air, continued chaos on its way. After some time he calms, finds a place to rest and recharge only to then realize:


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